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Hitachi to Launch Fast Enterprise-Class SSDs

by: admin Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

So far hard drive manufacturer Hitachi has been an unknown quantity in SSD circles, so it may sound somewhat surprising that the company is now launching a series of high-end SAS drives aimed at corporate data centers and other demanding users. The technology is however developed in collaboration with Intel.

The upcoming UltraStar series comes in the capacities 100GB, 200GB and 400GB and in 2.5-inch (6Gbps SAS)  and 3.5-inch (4Gbps Fibre Channel). It boasts high throughput: up to 535 MB/s sequential read performance and 500MB/s write performance at up to 46,000 IOPS over the SAS interface. Over the fiber interface the SSDs offer 390 MB/s reads and 340 MB/s writes.

Hitachi’s SSD400S uses Intel’s 34 nm SLC NAND flash memory and a firmware that supports ECC functions as well as wear-leveling, which distributes the load evenly accross the memory modules. To prove this point, the drives come with a five-year warranty, adding that the devices can withstand multiple petabytes of data written over these five years.

Hitachi has specified the 400GB model to endure 35 petabytes of random writes – an equivalent of 19.2 TB per day for five years, according to InfoWorld.

Don’t expect to pick up one of these from a store shelf, though, as the Ultrastar series will be marketed and sold exclusively to hardware manufacturers. The pricing has not been disclosed, other than that they are “market-based and competitive.”

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