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SSD Accelerator Feature Added to iolo System Mechanic 10.5

by: admin August 7, 2011

There are countless “system speed-up/tune-up/cleaning” tools available that perform maintenance tasks like registry cleaning, secure file removal, defragmentation and so on. Some of them are relatively useless and/or redundant (if not downright harmful) , but iolo’s System Mechanic software suite has been consistently popular through the years and has received quite a few good reviews […]

PCM-based Storage – A Game Changer?

by: admin June 6, 2011

It looks like the ubiquitous NAND Flash memory is about to get some serious competition in the near future from Phase Change Memory (PCM), according to researchers from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). They have built PCIe SSD prototypes called Moneta and Onyx based on PCM modules that delivers truly astonishing performance compared […]

Intel 510 Series SSDs Doubles Performance – Stays at 34nm

by: admin March 6, 2011

Intel’s new drives utilize the latest SATA specification and doubles performance compared with the manufacturer’s previous drives. The new 2.5-inch 510-series SSDs offers a clear step up in performance by taking advantage of the increased speeds of the SATA 3 interface, but is it enough to compete with the latest offerings from SandForce? In a […]

Sandforce SF-2200 and SF-2100 Break New Performance Barriers

by: admin February 25, 2011

SandForce has taken a leading role in the field of SSD controllers and appears to extend it with the company’s new SF-2200 and SF-2100 processors. Out of these two the SF-2200 is particularly impressive, offering 500MB/s read AND write speeds over SATA 3, as well as 60,000 IOPS in 4K random reads. These chips will […]

Micron Comments on Next-Gen SSDs and Dishonest Marketing Tactics

by: admin February 22, 2011

With CPUs, GPUs and motherboard chipsets, a smaller production process (measured in nanometers) is always seen as a sign of improvement in both efficiency and performance. With NAND flash memory, not so much. They actually wear down faster than their predecessors, which raises some questions about how the new drives are being marketed. Micron is […]

Next-Gen Intel SSDs Ready for March Release (X25-M G3, 320 Series)

by: admin February 8, 2011

The rumor mill has indicated a February release for the next-generation MLC SSDs from Intel, i.e., the X-25 G3, but some additional information has surfaced that point to a March release. Most of the improvements are already known, but a reseller spreadsheet from the German site ComputerBase adds some more details to the mix, including […]

Intel P67 Improves PCIe Performance

by: admin January 22, 2011

As most of you probably know, Intel recently launched its new Sandy Bridge platform. In addition to some new CPUs, the manufacturer also introduced new chipsets. One of the important improvements has to do with solid state drive performance when using PCIe drives (or PCIe-based RAID with SATA drives.) Intel’s new chipsets are better at […]

Toshiba’s Enterprise SSD Promises Excellent Performance

by: admin December 31, 2010

A lot of things are happening in the SSD industry right now. For one, Toshiba is making an entry into the enterprise side of the market with the new model Mkx001grzb, which promises excellent server performance. It will have to–a name like “mkx001gzrb” will hardly inspire potential customers on its own. At any rate, this […]

Super Talent UltraDrive MX – 480GB SSD

by: admin November 23, 2010

Super Talent is now adding a new device to its UltraDrive MX series. What makes this unit stand out in the crowd is capacity–a full 480GB. It’s a SATA 2 SSD, but it can apparently also be hooked up via a mini-USB cable and run externally without using a separate case. Using it over USB […]

Hitachi to Launch Fast Enterprise-Class SSDs

by: admin November 17, 2010

So far hard drive manufacturer Hitachi has been an unknown quantity in SSD circles, so it may sound somewhat surprising that the company is now launching a series of high-end SAS drives aimed at corporate data centers and other demanding users. The technology is however developed in collaboration with Intel. The upcoming UltraStar series comes […]