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Deal: SSDNow V Series 64GB – $99.95

by: admin October 26, 2010

Less than $100 for the SSDNow V Series and free shipping is probably the best deal yet on the 64GB SSDNow V from Kingston. This drive competes with the Intel X-25-V in the value segment and offers respectable overall performance. Visit Site Tech Specs Sequential Speed: 128GB — Up to 200MB/sec. read 160MB/sec. write 64GB […]

Deal: Vertex 2 40GB – $94 with MIR

by: admin October 5, 2010

40GB doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s enough for storing your operating system plus a few apps and games to have them boot and run exceptionally fast. This is especially true for the SandForce-based Vertex 2; SandForce drives have the additional advantage of yielding high speeds even at small capacities, which is often a […]

Price Drop: RealSSD 128GB – $259

by: admin September 22, 2010

Deal of the Week: The 128GB version of Crucial’s ultra-fast RealSSD C300 (review here) is now down to $259.99 at a popular retailer, which to our knowledge is the best price to date on this particular drive. Visit Site Specifications: Sequential Access – Read: 355MB/sec (SATA 6Gb/s) 265MB/sec (SATA 3Gb/s) Sequential Access – Write: 140MB/sec […]

OCZ Vertex 2 Deal – 90GB $189.99

by: admin September 8, 2010

Right now you can get a further $25 off the web’s best price on the 90GB Vertex 2 SandForce-based SSD. The Vertex 2 is one of the fastest and most reliable drives on the market right now – read our full review here. The dive reads and writes at 285 MB/sec and 275 MB/sec respectively, […]

Weekly Deal: Kingston SSDNow V 64GB $30 MiR

by: admin July 24, 2010

While the Kingston SSDNow is not the fastest kid on the block anymore, it still packs a decent punch with 200MB/s and 110MB/s  sequential read and write speeds respectively, as well as TRIM support to avoid performance degradation over time.  At any rate it is certainly a bargain after the recent price cut at […]

OCZ Agility 60GB Deal: Save $60

by: admin July 22, 2010

The Agility series from OCZ was hailed as “the affordable alternative” when the drives came out about a year ago, with the 60GB version priced at $220. In that case it’s almost twice as affordable now, for $119.99 after a $50 price cut plus an additional $10 mail-in rebate. Note: This rebate expires 07/31/2010. Granted, […]