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Nano Magnets: An SSD Killer?

by: admin June 21, 2012

A smaller production process usually means progress (except in the SSD industry where it is not) and some scientists from Kiel University are now sketching on new technology that could put both conventional hard drives and SSDs to shame by employing individual molecules for data storage.

Toshiba Shrinks NAND to 19nm

by: admin June 5, 2012

Toshiba has just announced 19nm NAND flash modules, meaning that cheaper SSDs are on the way from the Japanese manufacturer. With more memory cells on the same area, it is possible to increase capacity and reduce manufacturing costs. The downside is – as always where NAND manufacturing shrinkage is involved – less durability.

OCZ Launches Agility 4

by: admin May 31, 2012

OCZ’s Vertex series is the manufacturer’s high-end variety while the Agility series is sold as ‘mainstream’ drives. The main difference is basically the same as in the Vertex 3 vs. the Agility 3, namely that the former is equipped with synchronous NAND modules while the latter has asynchronous NAND.

RunCore Announces InVincible SSD with Added Data Thievery Protection

by: Olan Dantes May 16, 2012

Its name says it all. RunCore introduces the InVincible SSD, a SATA II 2.5” solid state drive that can withstand temperatures from -45 degrees to 95 degrees Celsius and offers a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 5,000,000 hours. But probably the most intriguing feature of this SSD is the included self-destruct buttons. Each button […]

MRAM Cache SSDs Revealed in Japan

by: Olan Dantes May 15, 2012

Some solid state drives utilize SDRAM for caching and rely on capacitors to provide power when the computer system is turned off. But when that capacitor loses its charge, the memory assemblies would need to refresh its cells almost twenty times per second. Buffalo sees this as a disadvantage which is why they are introducing […]

Transcend Introduces mSATA SandForce Powered MSA720 SSD

by: Olan Dantes May 14, 2012

Following the popularity of the SDD plus hard drive configuration, Transcend announces the release of their mSATA SSD, the MSA720. The SATA III SSD comes in 64 GB and 128 GB capacities with performances listed at 560 MB/s and 530 MB/s for sequential read and write respectively. The MSA720 is just 3 by 5 cm […]

ADATA Launches SP800 and SP900 SSDs in US and Canada

by: Olan Dantes May 9, 2012

ADATA’s SP800 and SP900 series of SSDs are finally release in Canada and United States. The SP800 is a SATA II SSD capable of reaching a maximum sequential read and write speeds of 280 and 260 MB/s respectively. The SP900 uses the SATA III interface and its max speeds are listed as 500 and 520 […]

OCZ Vertex 4 Receives Firmware Upgrade, Write Performance Doubled

by: Olan Dantes May 7, 2012

Vertex 4 owners rejoice. OCZ just released a firmware upgrade to their latest consumer SSD which significantly improves their write performances. Along with the update is the release of the new 64 GB Vertex 4 which, according to SSD is for system boot drives and mobile applications. The v1.4RC firmware update increases the sequential write […]

OCZ’s 1 TB Octane SSD to Hit Stores Soon

by: Olan Dantes May 2, 2012

OCZ eyes mid-May for the release of their much awaited 1 TB variant of the Octane SSD. That much capacity is rare among solid state drives and is one of the reasons why consumers are not fully embracing the HDD alternative. The 1 TB Octane SSD promises max sequential read/write speeds of 460 MB/s and […]

Hitachi Aims Interoperability in 12 GB/s SAS SSD Interface

by: Olan Dantes May 1, 2012

Together with fellow manufacturers LSI and PMC-Sierra, HGST (Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) is poised to introduce a new 12 GB/s SAS SSD interface that promises to be backwards compatible with the current 6 GB/s SAS infrastructures. The new interoperable interface is expected to be demonstrated by Hitachi at the SCSI Trade Association showcase this coming […]