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OCZ Launches Agility 4

by: admin Thursday, May 31st, 2012

OCZ’s Vertex series is the manufacturer’s high-end variety while the Agility series is sold as ‘mainstream’ drives. The main difference is basically the same as in the Vertex 3 vs. the Agility 3, namely that the former is equipped with synchronous NAND modules while the latter has asynchronous NAND.

OCZ Agility 4

Just like in the Vertex 4, OCZ has traded the SandForce controller for its own Indilinx Everest 2, which performs better with uncompressed data but worse in other scenarios. There’s also quite a bit of difference in performance between the Vertex 4 and the Agility 4 this time around–more so than in the previous generation.

The (sequential) read and write speeds are up to 400 MB/s in the Agility 4 compared to 550 MB/s and 475 MB/s in the Vertex 4. Randon 4K read IOPS is halved to 48,000 IOPS in the Agility 4 vs. 95,000 IOPS in the Vertex 4. Like many other SSDs, the performance also dwindles along with capacity. The aforementioned numbers are for the 512 GB drive, while the 64 GB Agility 4 only delivers 300 MB/s (sequential read) and 200 MB/s (sequential write).

With those number in mind, the price point for the Agility 4–currently priced at $264 for the 256 GB model–vs. the Vertex 4–currently priced at $289 for the same capacity–makes the Agility 4 a very unconvincing alternative.

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