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Petrol: New Indilinx-Based Drive from OCZ

by: admin Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

OCZ PetrolOCZ is launching a new ‘Petrol’-series SSD based on the Indilinx controller (now owned by OCZ) which is also present in the (also relatively new) Octane series. By utilizing their own controller instead of the ones from SandForce that OCZ has been relying on for quite some time, the manufacturer claims a reduction in development cost by 30%, some of which will hopefully be passed on to the consumer. The early list prices do not look particularly attractive, though, with prices ranging from $89.99 for the 64GB version to $649.99 for 512GB. The actual retail prices might be reduced once the drives start to hit store shelves in large volumes, which is expected to happen within a few weeks.

OCZ’s Petrol series uses the Indilinx Everest controller with a SATA III 6Gbps interface and come in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities.  Unlike OCZ’s first Everest-based Octane drives, however, performance is reduced due to the choice of memory chips. Instead of the more expensive synchronous NAND flash chips from IMFT, OCZ has opted for cheaper asynchronous NAND that lowers performance but is significantly cheaper (for the manufacturer).

With its asynchronous circuits, the drives’ performance will be highly dependent on the capacity, something that is particularly noticeable in the 64GB drive, which only offers 185MB/s max sequential reads and 75MB/s writes. In comparison, the  512GB Petrol delivers 370MB/s max sequential read speeds and 250MB/s max writes.  With 128GB capacity, the drive instantly jumps to 360MB/s in sequential reads and 135MB/s write speeds. The 256GB edition appears to be roughly on par with the 512GB drive, but with slower sequential write speeds and IOPS. OCZ’s Petrol will support TRIM, Indilinx NDurance, SMART and AES-128 and ship with a three-year warranty.

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