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SSDNow V100 Firmware Fix Issued

by: admin Friday, April 1st, 2011

Kingston SSDNow VKingston has discovered that some of their SSDNow V100 SSDs have a technical problem in their firmware. Kingston recommends that all owners update their firmware V100 to prevent data loss. The firmware update will hopefully fix the glitch, and it is available via Kingston’s support pages.

It affects products with the following model numbers:

SV100S2/64G, SV100S2D/64G, SV100S2N/64G
SV100S2/128G, SV100S2D/128G, SV100S2N/128G
SV100S2/256G, SV100S2D/256G, SV100S2N/256G

The information as to what the actual problem consists of is not revealed in the press release, but the Firmware release note states that it fixes the problem “Drive hangs with System BIOS, boot failure”.¬†¬†That is indeed a problem. The update can be downloaded from Kingston’s support page here:

It is a good idea to create a full disk backup before applying any sort of firmware update.

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