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Toshiba takes 24nm NAND Flash to Mass Production

by: admin Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

The evolution of NAND flash is proceeding at a furious pace. In the forefront is as always the original creator, Japanese Toshiba–a provider of microcontrollers and memory chips for a variety of manufacturers, not to mention that the company makes just about everything else including nuclear reactors.

At any rate, Toshiba is now taking it a step further by starting mass production of flash memory in 24nm, which is slightly less than rival IM Flash Technologies’ 25 nanometers. The new circuitry from Toshiba uses Toggle DDR technology, which opens up for higher speeds.

Toshiba nand

The first chips to leave the factory are MLC variants with two bits per cell and a density of 64 GB (8 GB). Toshiba hopes to follow up with the production of 3-bit memory with a density of 32 Gb in the near future. Toshiba’s new NAND will be used in everything from solid-state drives to mobile phones and USB pen drives.

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