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Honey I Shrunk the SSD: Intel Confirms Bug in 320 Series

by: admin July 25, 2011

Troublesome SSDs are unfortunately not an unusual phenomenon. During the summer there have been frequent reports of problems with drives based on SandForce’s 2000-series controllers. Also, the pundits that have previously proclaimed that Intel is the safe choice have now been proven wrong. Users have reported that units in Intel’s 320 series have suddenly shrunk […]

Intel 710 and 720 Series Overview

by: admin June 27, 2011

Intel has already launched several new SSDs in 2011 and more are on the way. The German site has managed to dig up some specifics on the new enterprise solutions in the Intel 710 and 720 series, which are SATA and PCI-Express products respectively. Intel’s 710-series–also known as Lyndonville–will build on 25 nm HET […]

Deal: Intel 510 Series 120GB $229.99 + Free Shipping

by: admin May 25, 2011

[EXPIRED] Intel is running yet another promotion on the SATA 6GBps capable 510 series, and this time it’s the 120GB version. It consists partly of a mail-in rebate, which is available via several online retailers, but the best final price is obtainable via The drive’s list price is $275, sells it for $259.99 […]

Intel Increases Warranty to 5 Years on 320 Series SSDs

by: admin May 23, 2011

The development towards increasingly small and more cost-efficient NAND is progressing at a rapid pace, and in spite of the often contradictory marketing hype surrounding the latest 25nm Multi-Level Cell (MLC) chips, professional users and consumers alike are growing concerned about the life span of SSDs using the newer and less durable MLC memory modules. The […]

Deal: Intel 510 Series 120GB $249.95 – Save $50

by: admin May 2, 2011

In spite of the narrow margins in the storage segment, some retailers offer excellent deals on storage every now and then. This time it’s, which up until a couple of years ago had never hear of an SSD. The fact that big names like are running specific promotions on solid state drives alongside cutlery […]

NAND Flash Soon Down to 20nm

by: admin April 11, 2011

Upcoming flash memory chips are being based on increasingly small manufacturing technology. The latest challenge is bringing the miniaturization down to 20 nanometers–an impressive feat in itself, but not without a whole new set of problems. IM Flash Technologies (IM stands for Intel/Micron) is however already well underway with a further reduction in size of NAND-based flash memory. It’s […]

Intel 320 Series (25nm) Available Soon

by: admin March 22, 2011

As you might recall, Intel’s 510 series relies on older and more reliable 34nm NAND flash. After a few ifs and buts, the time is apparently ripe for Intel’s next generation of SSDs built on the 25 nanometer.  VR-Zone speads the rumor that SSDs in the Intel 320 series, also known as X25-M G3, are […]

Intel 510 Series SSDs Doubles Performance – Stays at 34nm

by: admin March 6, 2011

Intel’s new drives utilize the latest SATA specification and doubles performance compared with the manufacturer’s previous drives. The new 2.5-inch 510-series SSDs offers a clear step up in performance by taking advantage of the increased speeds of the SATA 3 interface, but is it enough to compete with the latest offerings from SandForce? In a […]

Next-Gen Intel SSDs Ready for March Release (X25-M G3, 320 Series)

by: admin February 8, 2011

The rumor mill has indicated a February release for the next-generation MLC SSDs from Intel, i.e., the X-25 G3, but some additional information has surfaced that point to a March release. Most of the improvements are already known, but a reseller spreadsheet from the German site ComputerBase adds some more details to the mix, including […]

Intel and Micron Present 25nm TLC NAND

by: admin September 17, 2010

The market for flash memory is continuously gaining traction, and development goes forward in an almost unhealthy pace; to increase capacity and performance, but also to minimize cost and make for both larger and cheaper flash-based storage units. Just as Toshiba did recently, Intel and Micron have just presented a huge leap forward in flash-based […]