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OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid Combines HDD and SSD in a Single PCIe Unit

by: admin June 7, 2011

Just like several other SSD manufacturers, OCZ has unveiled several new interesting products at this year’s Computex trade show, including their own approach to the hybrid drive concept; using an SSD as cache memory to a larger hard drive. Their new RevoDrive Hybrid comes with a 60 to 120GB SSD and a 500GB to 1TB […]

OCZ’s New 25nm Agility 3 – SATA 3 and SF-2281

by: admin May 10, 2011

Not long ago, OCZ released its new 25nm Vertex 3 series that proved to be the world’s fastest SSD in the 2.5-inch “enthusiast” segment. Now the company is taking the logical steps to also update their Agility and Solid series with the new SandForce SF-2200 series controller. As with the Vertex 3, these new drives […]

VeloDrive: New Enterprise PCIe Drive from OCZ

by: admin May 1, 2011

OCZ has launched yet another PCI Express-based SSD, this time with a primary focus on enterprise users. The VeloDrive is a PCIe x8 drive that uses four SandForce SF-1565 controllers and can reach speeds of 1GB/s and 130,000 IOPS. The SSDs can run in both hardware and software-based RAID configurations and by utilizing the PCIe […]

OCZ Acquires Indilinx

by: admin March 15, 2011

OCZ recently decided to drop out of the RAM market to go “all-in” with their solid state drive venture. It seemed like a wise desicion, since the company has been making a killing with their SSDs lately. The latest news is that they are aiming for complete control of the manufaturing process by buying the […]

OCZ Launches New RevoDrive X2 (PCI-Express SSD)

by: admin October 28, 2010

The RevoDrive X2 is now officially launched. I’ll shorten down the press release to the most important info: RevoDrive X2: Max Read: 740MB/s Max Write: 730MB/s 120,000 IOPS Four SandForce-1200 controllers + ‘onboard RAID 0’ PCI-Express X4 interface 100GB to 960GB capacities Details worth noting: Compared to the current generation of the RevoDrive, the read […]

OCZ Vertex 2 Deal – 90GB $189.99

by: admin September 8, 2010

Right now you can get a further $25 off the web’s best price on the 90GB Vertex 2 SandForce-based SSD. The Vertex 2 is one of the fastest and most reliable drives on the market right now – read our full review here. The dive reads and writes at 285 MB/sec and 275 MB/sec respectively, […]

OCZ Vertex 2 Review

by: admin July 26, 2010

Today we’ll have a look at OCZ’s Vertex 2 SSD. As the ‘2’ in the name implies it is of course a follow-up to the original Vertex, which was developed to tackle Intel’s then-new (but still very popular) X25-M drives. This time around, OCZ has teamed up with SandForce–a relatively new name in SSD technology […]

OCZ Agility 60GB Deal: Save $60

by: admin July 22, 2010

The Agility series from OCZ was hailed as “the affordable alternative” when the drives came out about a year ago, with the 60GB version priced at $220. In that case it’s almost twice as affordable now, for $119.99 after a $50 price cut plus an additional $10 mail-in rebate. Note: This rebate expires 07/31/2010. Granted, […]

The 540 MB/s RevoDrive: PCIe-based SSD from OCZ

by: admin June 28, 2010

OCZ is definitely one of the hottest players in the SSD marketplace with scores of models (and slight variations of models) on the market. The company is also very quick to introduce new technology. The latest announcement from OCZ is their new RevoDrive – a PCIe-based solid state drive that might actually find its way […]

OCZ Moves in on the 1.8-inch Form Factor

by: admin June 23, 2010

OCZ is an extremely fast-moving manufacturer when it comes to introducing new technology and more importantly new SSDs. And they are certainly not resting on their laurels – now they are about to hit the shelves with two new 1.8″ drives for ultrathin and ultra-everything laptops – including the likes of MacBook Air, Lenovo X301 […]