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SSD Ranking: The Fastest Solid State Drives

by: Glenn Santos February 1, 2018

Want to remove the speed limit on your PC? How about revving up the transfers and reads on your servers? Here’s the list of the fastest SSDs around at the time of writing.

CES 2015: Samsung Launches T1 Series – Small and Speedy External SSD

by: admin January 8, 2015

Samsung has just announced a new line of external SSDs with excellent transfer rates, but one of the most interesting aspects is the tiny form factor. The T1 series will come in three capacities – 250 GB, 500 GB and 1 TB – and connects via USB 3.0. Needless to say, they are not quite as affordable as the average USB […]

Lite-On to Enter SSD Market

by: admin January 4, 2015

PC builders will recognize Lite-On as one of the most prominent manufacturers of affordable and capable optical drives. Now the company is apparently looking to do something similar in the SSD market.

AMD Planning To Offer SSD

by: David April 10, 2014

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has made this week very interesting. The processor manufacturing giant has been rumored to make its own SSD line in collaboration with Toshiba.  After they surprised us with the release of Radeon branded memory modules, AMD might pull out another rabbit out of the hat with their upcoming Radeon solid state […]

NAND Flash Revenue Expected To Rise 8% This Year

by: Olan Dantes April 20, 2012

According to an IHS iSuppli report the market for NAND flash memory, including SSDs, will grow 8% this year. The report mentioned that the major sales drivers are ultrabooks which are equipped with solid state drives. The number for the industry last year was $21.2 billion and the projected revenue this year is $22.9 billion. […]

What Makes the Intel 330 Less Expensive?

by: Olan Dantes April 17, 2012

Intel has been busy announcing SSD products these past few days. After the 910 and 313 series, the processor giant is also releasing the 330 series of SSDs – a refresh of the previous 320 brands. The SATA 3 drive is able to reach maximum sequential read/write speeds of 500 MB/s and 450 MB/s respectively. […]

Bleak Future for SSDs, According to New Research

by: admin February 22, 2012

We are quite used to the fact that technology improves over time, but as many have noted this isn’t always the case with SSDs. In this part of the tech industry, shrinking transistors and higher densities translate to lower costs but also less reliability and in the end, performance. Three researchers from the Department of […]

OCZ to Launch SSDs with TLC NAND, Slashing Price, Durability

by: admin November 7, 2011

OCZ aquired the SSD controller manufacturer Indilinx earlier this year–perhaps in a bid to loosen its ties to SandForce while increasing the prifit margins at the same time. In any event, the first product bearing the “Indilinx Infused” tagline, the OCZ Octane, was recently announced. Among other things, the new and improved Indilinx controller is […]

SSD Health Checker

by: admin October 31, 2011

If you are curious as to how long your SSD will work correctly, you may want to have a look at SSDLife–a fun and potentially useful tool that fetches the S.M.A.R.T status and some other variables and also gives you something like a “death clock” for your drive. It’s hardly an exact science, but it’s […]

Crucial m4 Firmware Update to 0009

by: admin August 29, 2011

Micron and its consumer brand Crucial is now releasing a new firmware for the M4 SSDs, which is more than welcome news for your humble SSD correspondent who is currently struggling to review this particular drive but have run into problems with hardware incompatibility issues and occasional startup freezes. The new firmware makes a few […]