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Intel and Micron Present 25nm TLC NAND

by: admin September 17, 2010

The market for flash memory is continuously gaining traction, and development goes forward in an almost unhealthy pace; to increase capacity and performance, but also to minimize cost and make for both larger and cheaper flash-based storage units. Just as Toshiba did recently, Intel and Micron have just presented a huge leap forward in flash-based […]

A Tour of the SSD Factory

by: admin June 10, 2010

A-DATA is one of several memory manufacturers who have ventured into the solid-state market. A-DATA has several units in their lineup already and one of the most interesting so far is their S599 model with the SandForce SF-1200 controller. The company has also decided to let us in on their manufacturing process. The good folks […]

Optimize Your Intel SSD with Official Tool

by: admin April 24, 2010

Intel Solid State Drive Toolbox is a Windows application that can be used to optimize solid state drives from Intel. The app takes advantage of the TRIM and Garbage Collection features already embedded in the SSDs, and optimizes the write process. Moreover, Intel Solid State Drive Toolbox is used to gather information about the device, […]

Installing a MacBook Pro SSD in 2 Minutes

by: admin April 10, 2010

I’ve been through this procedure myself so I know how easy it is but in this YouTube clip, SoldierKnowsBest demonstates effectively how to switch to an SSD in your MacBook. Follow these simple instructions and improve your MacBook’s performance by an order of magnitude (well, almost… 😉