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Intel SSD 750 (PCIe 3.0) Fastest Ever for Desktop PCs, According to Intel

by: admin April 6, 2015

High-end SSDs have been saturating the aging SATA 6 Gbps interface for quite some time. Consequently, the only alternative for those who require faster storage using the SATA interface are risky RAID 0 setups or less risky but more expensive RAND 5/10 configurations. Using the PCI Express interface eliminates these issues altogether. Intel claims that […]

Lite-On to Enter SSD Market

by: admin January 4, 2015

PC builders will recognize Lite-On as one of the most prominent manufacturers of affordable and capable optical drives. Now the company is apparently looking to do something similar in the SSD market.

Western Digital Working to Replace NAND with PCM Circuitry

by: admin September 2, 2014

Today’s SSDs use NAND flash. In a few years the situation might be different. Western Digital subsidiary HGST is apparently making progress in the field of Phase Change Memory (PCM).

World’s First 4TB SSD from Sandisk

by: David May 3, 2014

  Sandisk has recently announced that they will manufacture a 4TB SSD which will cater to data center needs. The Optimus Max SCSI SAS SSD will be a big leap in ssd innovation as you would have not choose between speed and capacity, you would have both in one package without breaking your bank. Since […]

ASUS HyperExpress SSD Soon To Make Its Debut

by: David April 27, 2014

This year has really brought a lot surprises to the solid state drive industry. Just as we thought that things could not get more interesting one more major player in the IT industry joined the SSD bandwagon. ASUS (ASUSTeK Inc.), one of the largest motherboard manufacturers, will be launching their own SSD in cooperation with […]

Intel Launches 525 Series mSATA SSDs

by: admin January 30, 2013

Intel continues to expand its line of consumer SSDs with a SATA 6 Gb/s mSATA model. It’s intended for thin and light laptops (Ultrabooks) and other systems with space constraints.

Samsung Acquires Nvelo

by: admin December 21, 2012

Samsung has just announced that it’s acquiring California-based Nvelo, a company developing SSD caching algorithms (or at least one). Nvelo software has been used with SSDs from other manufacturers such as OCZ Technology, Corsair and Crucial. The company’s one and only product is Dataplex, which uses a small SSD cache in combination with a mechanical hard […]

Race towards Bottom Continues with 16nm NAND

by: admin November 29, 2012

Considering today’s speed of technical developments, mainstream SSDs appear to be on track to become increasingly less durable until they’re barely suitable even for consumer laptops.

SanDisk Introduces Caching SSD as Means to Improve PC Experience

by: Olan Dantes September 17, 2012

Seeking to improve a computer’s boot-up time, application launch time and shutdown time, SanDisk introduces the ReadyCache pack. This product combines a 2.5 inch solid state drive and a caching software solution by Condusiv Technologies named ExpressCache. The software can be downloaded from SanDisk’s official website after the 32 GB SSD is installed alongside the […]

Intel to Cut SSD Prices

by: admin July 15, 2012

Intel has managed to build a good reputation in the SSD industry. It’s not that the competition is particularly stiff with regards to reputation, but better than average reliability has given ‘Chipzilla’ an excellent position in the market. Now it is also considering adjusting the price tags. With more attractive prices, Intel should be able […]