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Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 4.0 Review

by: admin January 26, 2015

There are several alternatives available that will move your OS to a new location, e.g. from a mechanical hard drive to an SSD. Several manufacturers include cloning software in the box (or a key to a downloadable version) when you buy a new drive, but you don’t always have this option. Moreover, there are no […]

Intel 330 SSD Raid 0 Review (2x180GB)

by: admin January 9, 2013

While the next SATA standard, SATA Express, is on the horizon, it is not ready for prime time just yet. Meanwhile, the SATA 6 GBps interface is largely saturated by most high-end SSDs today, so your options if you want greater speeds are either a PCIe drive or hooking up two or more drives with […]

Vertex 4 Review Roundup

by: admin April 4, 2012

OCZ’s new flagship SSD known as the Vertex 4 was just launched, which is a big deal for the manufacturer–not least because it drops the ubiquitous SandForce controller and uses one from Indilinx (now owned by OCZ). It also means that the company gets more wiggle room with the pricing, and it is also a […]

Samsung SSD 830 Vs. Vertex 3 Laptop Comparison (Intel HM 65)

by: admin December 15, 2011

Intel’s current Sandy Bridge platform added SATA 3 (6Gbps) support for laptops, allowing laptop users to take advantage of the improved interface bandwidth and SSDs that have the capacity to use it. However, a vast majority of laptops ship with regular hard drives to keep the cost down, which is no doubt one of the […]

Crucial m4 Review (256GB) w/ Firmware 0009

by: admin October 18, 2011

Crucial’s m4 series is also frequently (and correctly) referred to as the RealSSD C400. The difference is in name only – Crucial is Micron’s consumer brand while Micron itself markets the C400 towards OEMs. This is somewhat peculiar since the C300 line is firmly established and well known as the first SATA III (6Gbps) capable […]

Corsair Force F120 Review

by: admin December 12, 2010

SSDs based on the SandForce SF-1200 controller are practically dominating the market right now – and for good reason. SandForce drives are about as reliable as MLC drives get and outperform both Intel and Indilinx-based drives in most situations. They also come with TRIM support, which helps keep the drives fast and healthy by wiping […]

OCZ Vertex 2 Review

by: admin July 26, 2010

Today we’ll have a look at OCZ’s Vertex 2 SSD. As the ‘2’ in the name implies it is of course a follow-up to the original Vertex, which was developed to tackle Intel’s then-new (but still very popular) X25-M drives. This time around, OCZ has teamed up with SandForce–a relatively new name in SSD technology […]

Corsair Nova 128GB Review

by: admin June 10, 2010

Until recently, Corsair has been known mostly as one of the world’s largest RAM manufacturers, but these days the company is also a major player in the SSD market with six series and counting. One of the latest has been dubbed Nova, and today we are taking a look at the 128 GB version. Nova […]

Crucial RealSSD C300: Speediest SSD Yet?

by: admin April 10, 2010

As of September 2010, the Crucial SSD C300 Solid State Drive is still one of the fastest consumer drives that money can buy in terms of read speed – at least if you can tap into its SATA 3.0, 6Gbps support. They’re definitely not cheap, but considering the performance gain many power users will consider […]

Kingston SSDNow V+ Review, 2nd Generation

by: admin April 10, 2010

Kingston has improved its SDD Now series a lot over its predecessor, but it is not perfect. The new generation SSDNow delivers good performance and you can also get it with an upgrade kit for easy installation (in desktops) and a tool for transferring data from your old drive (Acronis TrueImage).