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Crucial m4 Firmware Fix Now Available

by: admin January 16, 2012

We recently mentioned a critical bug in Crucial’s popular m4 solid state drive. As promised, Crucial is now delivering a fix that should definitely be applied to any and all drives in the series for data security reasons. The firmware bug is a very odd one; it potentially induces reboots and BSODs in Windows after […]

5000-Hour Bug in Crucial’s m4

by: admin January 6, 2012

[UPDATE: Fix now available] There’s unfortunately no lack of weird SSD firmware bugs–not even good-old, trustworthy Intel is apparently free of these problems. Now it appears that another drive that is generally considered reliable–the popular Crucial m4–has been spared. On the company’s support forums there are reports of units causing blue screens after about 5,000 […]

Crucial m4 Review (256GB) w/ Firmware 0009

by: admin October 18, 2011

Crucial’s m4 series is also frequently (and correctly) referred to as the RealSSD C400. The difference is in name only – Crucial is Micron’s consumer brand while Micron itself markets the C400 towards OEMs. This is somewhat peculiar since the C300 line is firmly established and well known as the first SATA III (6Gbps) capable […]

Crucial m4 Firmware Update to 0009

by: admin August 29, 2011

Micron and its consumer brand Crucial is now releasing a new firmware for the M4 SSDs, which is more than welcome news for your humble SSD correspondent who is currently struggling to review this particular drive but have run into problems with hardware incompatibility issues and occasional startup freezes. The new firmware makes a few […]

RealSSD C400 Benchmarks (Crucial m4) from Micron

by: admin March 26, 2011

Apparently the latest 25nm SATA 3 SSD from Micron, the Crucial RealSSD C400 that we’ve talked about before on occasion will not be using that name on the consumer market. The company has instead opted for the short and neat ‘m4’. It’s the same drive nonetheless, and Micron has released some of their own benchmarks […]

New Firmware for the RealSSD C300

by: admin May 23, 2010

Crucial’s RealSSD C300 is one of the the fastest  – if not the fastest – solid state drives on the market presently, but has recently suffered from serious firmware problem, where some units went inoperable after the manufacturer’s latest update. Lexar withdrew the offending firmware update, but now they are releasing it again with a […]

Indilinx and Sand Force to get SATA 6Gbps in Q4

by: admin May 3, 2010

Both Indilinx and Sand Force are extremely powerful SSD controllers, and the only thing holding them back right now is the need for more bandwidth. The SATA 3.0 Gbps interface, which effectively caps the bandwidth at around 280MB/s, this is currently the barrier for performance improvements. Unfortunately this is not scheduled to appear until the […]

Crucial RealSSD C300: Speediest SSD Yet?

by: admin April 10, 2010

As of September 2010, the Crucial SSD C300 Solid State Drive is still one of the fastest consumer drives that money can buy in terms of read speed – at least if you can tap into its SATA 3.0, 6Gbps support. They’re definitely not cheap, but considering the performance gain many power users will consider […]