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New External USB 3.0 SSD from Super Talent

by: admin January 3, 2012

External hard drives are mostly used for backup purposes, mainly because their performance hasn’t been up to speed. But with the advent of USB 3.0 in combination with speedy SSDs, there is ample cause for reconsidering this usage pattern for the external drive. The brand new Storage Pod Mini from Super Talent is an example […]

Fastest External Hard Drive is an SSD

by: admin June 17, 2010

The OCZ Enoy is an ultra-fast external SSD that uses USB3 to crush any and all competition based on conventional hard drives.  For anyone with a need (or desire) for extremly fast external storage, the only alternatives are of course based on solid state drives. OCZ’s Enyo is available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities […]