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Vertex 4 Review Roundup

by: admin April 4, 2012

OCZ’s new flagship SSD known as the Vertex 4 was just launched, which is a big deal for the manufacturer–not least because it drops the ubiquitous SandForce controller and uses one from Indilinx (now owned by OCZ). It also means that the company gets more wiggle room with the pricing, and it is also a […]

Petrol: New Indilinx-Based Drive from OCZ

by: admin December 14, 2011

OCZ is launching a new ‘Petrol’-series SSD based on the Indilinx controller (now owned by OCZ) which is also present in the (also relatively new) Octane series. By utilizing their own controller instead of the ones from SandForce that OCZ has been relying on for quite some time, the manufacturer claims a reduction in development […]

OCZ Breaks 1TB Barrier with 2.5-inch Octane SSD

by: admin October 20, 2011

OCZ continues to sell SSDs like hotcakes and continues to invest in new products, usually with the SandForce processor as the weapon of choice, but as some of you might rember, OCZ acquired Indilinx a while back, and here is the first result of the acquisition Whereas the extremely popular Vertex 3, Agiliy 3 and […]

OCZ Acquires Indilinx

by: admin March 15, 2011

OCZ recently decided to drop out of the RAM market to go “all-in” with their solid state drive venture. It seemed like a wise desicion, since the company has been making a killing with their SSDs lately. The latest news is that they are aiming for complete control of the manufaturing process by buying the […]

OCZ Moves in on the 1.8-inch Form Factor

by: admin June 23, 2010

OCZ is an extremely fast-moving manufacturer when it comes to introducing new technology and more importantly new SSDs. And they are certainly not resting on their laurels – now they are about to hit the shelves with two new 1.8″ drives for ultrathin and ultra-everything laptops – including the likes of MacBook Air, Lenovo X301 […]

Corsair Nova 128GB Review

by: admin June 10, 2010

Until recently, Corsair has been known mostly as one of the world’s largest RAM manufacturers, but these days the company is also a major player in the SSD market with six series and counting. One of the latest has been dubbed Nova, and today we are taking a look at the 128 GB version. Nova […]

Z-Drive R2: Incredible PCI-E Performance

by: admin May 15, 2010

The Z-Drive R2 is a PCI Express-based SSDs and as such not really intended for the consumer market, which is also reflected in the exorbitant price tag. But the enterprise market is increasingly interested in this type of extreme high-end drive. OCZ Technology has now presented its fourth generation Z-series drives and on paper they […]

Indilinx and Sand Force to get SATA 6Gbps in Q4

by: admin May 3, 2010

Both Indilinx and Sand Force are extremely powerful SSD controllers, and the only thing holding them back right now is the need for more bandwidth. The SATA 3.0 Gbps interface, which effectively caps the bandwidth at around 280MB/s, this is currently the barrier for performance improvements. Unfortunately this is not scheduled to appear until the […]

OCZ Agility SSD Review

by: admin April 3, 2010

OCZ’s new Agility series SSDs offer consistent performance at a very respectable price point. Although the IO rate is not sufficient for a server it could be just right if you’re looking for a workstation/laptop upgrade. We have tested an OCZ drive based on the less expensive MLC technology, which has developed significantly over the […]