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Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 4.0 Review

by: admin January 26, 2015

There are several alternatives available that will move your OS to a new location, e.g. from a mechanical hard drive to an SSD. Several manufacturers include cloning software in the box (or a key to a downloadable version) when you buy a new drive, but you don’t always have this option. Moreover, there are no […]

Intel Launches 525 Series mSATA SSDs

by: admin January 30, 2013

Intel continues to expand its line of consumer SSDs with a SATA 6 Gb/s mSATA model. It’s intended for thin and light laptops (Ultrabooks) and other systems with space constraints.

Intel 330 SSD Raid 0 Review (2x180GB)

by: admin January 9, 2013

While the next SATA standard, SATA Express, is on the horizon, it is not ready for prime time just yet. Meanwhile, the SATA 6 GBps interface is largely saturated by most high-end SSDs today, so your options if you want greater speeds are either a PCIe drive or hooking up two or more drives with […]

Intel to Cut SSD Prices

by: admin July 15, 2012

Intel has managed to build a good reputation in the SSD industry. It’s not that the competition is particularly stiff with regards to reputation, but better than average reliability has given ‘Chipzilla’ an excellent position in the market. Now it is also considering adjusting the price tags. With more attractive prices, Intel should be able […]

What Makes the Intel 330 Less Expensive?

by: Olan Dantes April 17, 2012

Intel has been busy announcing SSD products these past few days. After the 910 and 313 series, the processor giant is also releasing the 330 series of SSDs – a refresh of the previous 320 brands. The SATA 3 drive is able to reach maximum sequential read/write speeds of 500 MB/s and 450 MB/s respectively. […]

Intel Moves to 20nm SSDs in 2012

by: admin March 27, 2012

Intel continues to invest in SSD storage, and as we are used to from the processor giant, all of the products come with code names attached just to make things a little more interesting (or confusing). The company is set to launch quite a few new models in 2012, including some with 20nm NAND. The […]

RAID 0 TRIM Support in Upcoming Intel RST Drivers

by: admin November 21, 2011

Why settle for a single SSD when you can have two running in RAID 0, providing almost double the performance of a single drive configuration? Well actually there’s a reason why many have refrained from doing just that, namely the lack of TRIM support in RAID setups. But now it looks like Intel is about […]

Intel SSD Toolbox 3.0 Released

by: admin November 1, 2011

For those with an SSD from Intel, it might be of interest to know that Intel has released a new version of its helper app SSD Toolbox, which has now reached version 3.0. It’s a versatile little tool that can be used to maintain and diagnose Intel’s own storage devices. The news in the Intel […]

New Intel 520 Series Ready for Q4 Launch

by: admin September 16, 2011

Intel stayed with 34nm NAND in the 510 series SSDs, which made the drives slightly more expensive than the competition but retained the durability of the “old” production process. In spite of the rather hefty price tag, the 510 drives have been relatively well received by consumers. Now the sequel is in the pipeline, appropriately […]

Intel 710 Series Enterprie SSDs Launched

by: admin September 9, 2011

Intel has just introduced another batch of SSDs, this time new 710 series, which is targeted at servers and workstations with the extra durable Multi-Level Cell flash memory type MLC-HET. Intel’s 710-series may be better known as “Lyndonville”–a more durable series of solid state drive built for heavy-duty work in servers, workstations and other mission-critical […]