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SSD Trend: Demand Up, Prices Down

by: admin November 29, 2011

Kingston has been looking in its crystal ball and foresees a strong increase in SSD storage next year. The memory manufacturer thinks that prices in 2012 will drop down to one dollar per gigabyte, which isn’t much of a stretch if you consider the lower production costs (and durability) that comes with smaller manufacturing technology. […]

Weekend Deal: Kingston HyperX 120GB $179.95

by: admin November 3, 2011

Yet again, comes through with the most attractive price tag we’ve seen on a high-end SSD. This time the turn has come to Kingston’s HyperX–a drive that most readers will recognize as one of the top models in the fleet based on the SandForce SF-2281 controller. claims that the current $179.95 deal is […]

Kingston Launches Business-Class SSDNow KC100

by: admin September 26, 2011

A few years ago, Kingston was a brand mostly known for thumb drives and memory cards. Things change. In Kingston’s case for the better, as the company has been able to capitalize fully on the increasing demand for solid state storage. Kingston recently released the SandForce-based HyperX, which uses the SF-2281 chip and targets the […]

Kingston’s New Flagship SSD Delivers 95,000 IOPS

by: admin June 13, 2011

Kingston’s new SandForce-based HyperX SSD reads data at up to 525 megabytes per second and delivers 95,000 IOPS. Moreover, it allows users a measure of control over load balancing. Kingston launched its HyperX SSD at Computex, borrowing its name from the memory manufacturer’s high-end HyperX RAM modules. Just like competing drives such as the OCZ […]

Deal: Kingston SSDNow V+ 96GB $98.95 Free Shipping

by: admin May 31, 2011 is at it again with a great offer on the 96GB SSD from Kingston’s SSDNow V+ line. The usual (and price for this unit is about $145, and this drive has never been sold for less than $100. Get it from for $98.95 with free shipping Valid through 06-04-2011. To take […]

SSDNow V100 Firmware Fix Issued

by: admin April 1, 2011

Kingston has discovered that some of their SSDNow V100 SSDs have a technical problem in their firmware. Kingston recommends that all owners update their firmware V100 to prevent data loss. The firmware update will hopefully fix the glitch, and it is available via Kingston’s support pages. It affects products with the following model numbers: SV100S2/64G, […]

Deal: SSDNow V Series 64GB – $99.95

by: admin October 26, 2010

Less than $100 for the SSDNow V Series and free shipping is probably the best deal yet on the 64GB SSDNow V from Kingston. This drive competes with the Intel X-25-V in the value segment and offers respectable overall performance. Visit Site Tech Specs Sequential Speed: 128GB — Up to 200MB/sec. read 160MB/sec. write 64GB […]

Kingston SSDNow V+ 180 – New 1.8-inch SSD for Ultraportables

by: admin September 27, 2010

Kingston has expanded its range of SSDs with the new series SSDNow V+ 180, indicating that it’s an 1.8-inch variant of the now well-known brand. With this one, Kingston’s SSDs are now finally ready for use with ultraportable laptops like the MacBook Air and others. The specifications for the SSDNow V+ 180 are 230 MB/s […]

Kingston SSDNow V+ Review, 2nd Generation

by: admin April 10, 2010

Kingston has improved its SDD Now series a lot over its predecessor, but it is not perfect. The new generation SSDNow delivers good performance and you can also get it with an upgrade kit for easy installation (in desktops) and a tool for transferring data from your old drive (Acronis TrueImage).