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Mushkin Launches Callisto Deluxe

by: admin July 6, 2010

Only a few weeks after introducing its first solid-state drive with the model name Callisto, Mushkin launches an updated version with improved performance. Callisto Deluxe is an SSD based on the Sand Force SF-1200 controller. This model comes with 60, 120 or 240 GB of storage space and supports TRIM. The specifications state that it […]

Mushkin Next RAM Manufacturer to Launch SSDs

by: admin June 13, 2010

Mushkin is out with a new series of Solid State Drives called Callisto, which appear to offer enthusiasts-class high speed storage. There are not a lot of details available yet, but according to Mushkin the drives will be capable of up to 285 MB/s read and an even more impressive 275 MB/s transfer rates. The […]