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OCZ Launches Agility 4

by: admin May 31, 2012

OCZ’s Vertex series is the manufacturer’s high-end variety while the Agility series is sold as ‘mainstream’ drives. The main difference is basically the same as in the Vertex 3 vs. the Agility 3, namely that the former is equipped with synchronous NAND modules while the latter has asynchronous NAND.

Vertex 4 Review Roundup

by: admin April 4, 2012

OCZ’s new flagship SSD known as the Vertex 4 was just launched, which is a big deal for the manufacturer–not least because it drops the ubiquitous SandForce controller and uses one from Indilinx (now owned by OCZ). It also means that the company gets more wiggle room with the pricing, and it is also a […]

OCZ Octane Firmware 1.13 Doubles IOPS Performance

by: admin January 25, 2012

OCZ has just released a new firmware for its Indilinx Everest-based Octane lineup. On the plus side, it should significantly boost performance in the IOPS department, on the downside it will wipe your drive. This is what OCZ itself calls a “destructive” update, so cloning the drive before moving ahead with the update sounds like […]

Samsung SSD 830 Vs. Vertex 3 Laptop Comparison (Intel HM 65)

by: admin December 15, 2011

Intel’s current Sandy Bridge platform added SATA 3 (6Gbps) support for laptops, allowing laptop users to take advantage of the improved interface bandwidth and SSDs that have the capacity to use it. However, a vast majority of laptops ship with regular hard drives to keep the cost down, which is no doubt one of the […]

Petrol: New Indilinx-Based Drive from OCZ

by: admin December 14, 2011

OCZ is launching a new ‘Petrol’-series SSD based on the Indilinx controller (now owned by OCZ) which is also present in the (also relatively new) Octane series. By utilizing their own controller instead of the ones from SandForce that OCZ has been relying on for quite some time, the manufacturer claims a reduction in development […]

OCZ to Launch SSDs with TLC NAND, Slashing Price, Durability

by: admin November 7, 2011

OCZ aquired the SSD controller manufacturer Indilinx earlier this year–perhaps in a bid to loosen its ties to SandForce while increasing the prifit margins at the same time. In any event, the first product bearing the “Indilinx Infused” tagline, the OCZ Octane, was recently announced. Among other things, the new and improved Indilinx controller is […]

OCZ Breaks 1TB Barrier with 2.5-inch Octane SSD

by: admin October 20, 2011

OCZ continues to sell SSDs like hotcakes and continues to invest in new products, usually with the SandForce processor as the weapon of choice, but as some of you might rember, OCZ acquired Indilinx a while back, and here is the first result of the acquisition Whereas the extremely popular Vertex 3, Agiliy 3 and […]

Deal: OCZ 120GB Solid 3 Series – $129.99

by: admin September 20, 2011

This is, as far as we can tell, the best deal yet on a 120GB Solid 3 and quite possibly even the best one to date on a 120GB drive based on the SandForce 2281 controller. TigerDirect is selling it for $129.99 including a $30 mail-in rebate. That makes it an exceptionally wallet-friendly entry into […]

OCZ Launches New RevoDrive 3 (X2)

by: admin July 15, 2011

OCZ has launched its latest PCIe solid state drives for the enthusiast consumer market, the RevoDrive 3 and RevoDrive 3 X2, along with promises of exceptional performance. The new lineup is based on the latest SandForce controllers (SandForce-2281)–two or four of them working in an internal RAID 0 configuration to boost performance. TRIM support is […]

Deal: RevoDrive 110GB and RevoDrive X2 220GB Coupons

by: admin June 14, 2011

Get a blazing fast prosumer/enthusiast PCIe-based SSD for a record-low price with these brand new coupons from TigerDirect! The offers are valid until 06/20/11 or while supplies last. Get a 110GB RevoDrive for $259.99 ($30 off) using the coupon code: KHK34195 The bootable 110GB RevoDrive’s maximum performance is up to 530MB/s read, 435MB/s write and […]