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New External USB 3.0 SSD from Super Talent

by: admin January 3, 2012

External hard drives are mostly used for backup purposes, mainly because their performance hasn’t been up to speed. But with the advent of USB 3.0 in combination with speedy SSDs, there is ample cause for reconsidering this usage pattern for the external drive. The brand new Storage Pod Mini from Super Talent is an example […]

Super Talent Launches Rugged SSDs

by: admin August 9, 2010

Super Talent Technology is now ready with the company’s latest solid state drives; Duradrive ET2 and ZT2 come in both 2.5 inch- and 1.8-inch form factors and utilize either the PATA or ZIF interface. The new drives are touted as the next generation storage devices, with high performance and reliability as well as ECC/EDC support. […]