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Toshiba Shrinks NAND to 19nm

by: admin June 5, 2012

Toshiba has just announced 19nm NAND flash modules, meaning that cheaper SSDs are on the way from the Japanese manufacturer. With more memory cells on the same area, it is possible to increase capacity and reduce manufacturing costs. The downside is – as always where NAND manufacturing shrinkage is involved – less durability.

Toshiba’s Enterprise SSD Promises Excellent Performance

by: admin December 31, 2010

A lot of things are happening in the SSD industry right now. For one, Toshiba is making an entry into the enterprise side of the market with the new model Mkx001grzb, which promises excellent server performance. It will have to–a name like “mkx001gzrb” will hardly inspire potential customers on its own. At any rate, this […]

New MacBook Air SSD Available to Common Folks

by: admin November 8, 2010

Japanese Godzilla manufacturer Toshiba – the company that makes everything from triple-A batteries to nuclear power plants – also built the SSD in the latest MacBook Air. Now they have announced that this tiny storage device will also be available to others who want to integrate it into small laptops and other products with spacial […]

Toshiba Aims Below 25nm with New NAND Flash

by: admin May 10, 2010

Toshiba is preparing to invest heavily in new production technologies for NAND flash memory. Intel is about to launch its first solid-state drives with circuits manufactured in 28 nanometer in the fourth quarter, but Toshiba is already way ahead. The company plans to go into a test phase with NAND flash circuits manufactured at less […]

Kingston SSDNow V+ Review, 2nd Generation

by: admin April 10, 2010

Kingston has improved its SDD Now series a lot over its predecessor, but it is not perfect. The new generation SSDNow delivers good performance and you can also get it with an upgrade kit for easy installation (in desktops) and a tool for transferring data from your old drive (Acronis TrueImage).